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Clearance Sale

Relax in comfort with our innovative Health-care products

Broda Positioning Chairs — Specialty chairs for resident positioning. Ready to go out of the box for safe and comfortable positioning. Ideal for hospice rental.

Seating Matters Chairs — Featuring chairs and mattresses designed by therapists and clinically documented for safety, positioning and comfort. Completely padded and fully adjustable for individuals of different sizes.

iHeal Systems — iHeal seating systems and mattresses are clinically tested to aid with positioning and wound care. Compatible with most all wheelchairs, geri-chairs and beds, these systems are a cost effective solution to other wound care options.

Med-Mizer Beds — A complete line for Healthcare facilities and Healthcare suppliers. Short Term Stay, Long Term Care, Bariatric, and Rental.

Rehab Station — Increases the opportunity to provide therapy in the setting you choose.

MattressesMulti-density foam, memory foam, and air-powered mattresses to address your long-term-care residents needs. Hertz maintains an inventory of the most common Völker mattresses.

Bathing Solutions — Hertz Supply has great pricing and on hand inventory for Century Bathing System Solutions and Penner Bathing System Solutions.